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Regular Choco Bonz (Rainbow Belts x Pure Michigan) Seeds by Jatari Seeds: 12 Seeds + 2 Freebies
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G.A.C. Jatari Seeds

Introducing one of the punchiest indica strains around; G.A.C, the result of crossing Rainbow Belts x Banana Punch, has a devastating effect. Short flowering times, super compact flowers completely filled with resin that will begin to shine in the first weeks of the photoperiod change. The smell that this cross gives off is perfectly reminiscent of the...

Jatari Seeds ; Grow In Silence...

Breeders since the 90s, this group of enthusiasts of Andalusian origin and with decades of experience in the sector offer us top-level genetics, selected to perfection.

Crosses Developed through exhaustive breeding and selection processes have resulted in genetics such as Choco Bongs (Rainbow Belts x Pure Michigan) or the infamous G.A.C (Rainbow Belts x Banana Punch) variety cultivated by our team as Quality Test and which gave an impressive result.

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