Queen's Candy Emerald Mountain Legacy

Queen's Candy Emerald Mountain Legacy

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Emerald Mountain Legacy

Sunset Sherbet x Royal Kush

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Queen's Candy Emerald Mountain Legacy

Queen's Candy regular cannabis seeds from Emerald Mountain Legacy is one of several new strains dropped by this exciting California-based seed company, all of which are based on the elite Royal Kush strain bred by the late, great Mack Anderson AKA Mandelbrot / Ras Truth.

Queen's Candy is an Indica-dominant hybrid derived from a cross of Sunset Sherbert x Royal Kush.  Queen's Candy exhibits all the characteristics you would expect from such an elite genetic pedigree. The signature diesel fuel terps are pronounced, letting you know you're dealing with an authentic, Northern Cali strain blessed with Mandelbrot's golden touch.

Queen's Candy flowers in 9-10 weeks and test cultivations conducted by Emerald Mountain Legacy in their legal Californian haven showed high-yielding plants with heavy resin production and a pronounced terpene profile.

This exclusive strain is sure to be popular with collectors and those who admire and respect the pioneering work of Mandelbrot “ without whom, the cannabis industry is a much poorer place.

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